How To Have HOT Tantric Sex In A Monogamous Relationship

What Is Tantric Sex? If your girlfriend has talked you into attending her weekly yoga class hello, black leggings and downward dog! Though not the exact same thing, tantric sex does have a rich history and promotes thinking along with that pounding that you enjoy during intercourse, foreplay and flirting. It’s also deeply rooted in sex magic and spirituality and brings a new depth to couples practicing it. Tantric texts state that sexual activity can have three separate and distinct purposes: Everything You Need To Know About Swinging Tantric sex can also be called many things, depending on who you talk to or how you decide to practice. Some of these iterations include neotantra or navaratna, but they all promote the same idea:

Tantric Sex: What, Why, How

November 22, It’s called tantric dating — and it works. Dating can be fun, scary, confusing, and exciting. There is a whole gambit of emotions that arise when we are meeting new people. However, with this excitement comes a tendency to get stuck in our head which results in not being present to the person in front of us. The good news is there is another way — the way of Tantric dating! How can Tantra help my dating life , you may ask?

We serve tantra teachers, sacred intimates, sexual healers and shamans, sacred sex guides, surrogates, intimacy coaches, sexological bodyworkers and pleasure artists, women, men, transgendered persons and couples.

I have some experience with Tantra but certainly not a teacher or expert. I have struggled with some Tantra practitioners assuming Tantra and Sacred love are the same. This has not felt true to me. This heartfelt dive into the essence of Sacred Love, Sacred Sex and Tantra is what I have experienced without having the correct words or mastery to express it accurately. I am interested in your experience after reading her piece and about Tantra in general.

June 24 at 8: I think we can get caught up in thinking breath and eye gazing and touch with presence equates a deep level of love. Science tells us that repeating these actions specifically eye gazing literally creates a sensation of falling in love over time. But something is missing. Energetic sex and orgasm that is felt in every part of the body are beautiful, but do not promise that love is present.

I think that is why there can be a deep core loneliness that is hard to quell in us who regularly practice tantra or sacred sex with many partners: It creates sensation, and hunger, it wakes us up, connects us to our animal and soul.

Create An Extraordinary Connection With A Guy By Using 5 Secret Tantra Techniques

It will help get you in the mood to think about the tracks you want to have sex to and put them in order. Pick erotic jams that you know will turn you and your partner on. Keep the music slow so you can move in motion with the tunes. The point is to really get into it and have a good time. Lean into that foreplay. Next, get into the foreplay.

Finding Tantric Partners for Dating and Relationship If I’m single, I might want to meet you for some Tantric dating. See Tantra Dates with George.. For Him: “The primary quality that makes a man attractive to women is the freedom of his attention.

Tweet Tantric sex has a reputation for being spiritual, powerful and for the novice… unattainable. But this is not so. I recall my first experience with tantric sex. Time seemed to stop, the world consisted only of us in those moments. I recognized that this experience was unlike others I had, and I became curious as to why this connection was different.

After some internet digging and bookstore browsing, I discovered tantric sex fit my approach and expectations. However, the articles I read made it seem otherworldly. Almost as if it was something formal and complicated that needed discussed prior to intimacy. It sounds hip and trendy. It really is quite easy and once applied leads to more fulfilling sex life as well as continued spiritual transformation. As French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin says: We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

But it also connects them spiritually and energetically. With tantric sex, or spiritual sex, the focus is on the energy exchanged between one spiritual being and another.

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November 27, The Good Great course for teaching you how to awaken women sexually enabling their body’s to be more receptive and orgasmic, or to become orgasmic when they aren’t currently The Bad High price, two DVDs on deep tissue massage may not be for everyone, a bit clinical, not necessarily suitable for all women or relationships narrow focus The Bottom Line This is an expensive product, but good if you need to learn “How to awaken women sexually”.

If your girl is not able to have orgasms yet neither with men or on her own , this product takes you step by step through a method to awaken her orgasmic nature. If your girls are able to have orgasms already but perhaps not with you yet , you will get more value from learning more broadly applicable and practical sexual skills such as those from the 2 Girls Teach Sex program or one of the other top rated programs from our Sexual Skills ranking.

It does a very good job of it. It contains a lot of the methods I’ve learned over the years and combines them all into one system.

We serve tantra teachers, sacred intimates, sexual healers and shamans, sacred sex guides, surrogates, intimacy coaches, sexological bodyworkers and pleasure artists, women, men, transgendered persons and couples.

Save If you had told me six months ago that I would be sitting in an empty hotel suite, trying to group orgasm, I would have called you a crazy person. Rewind six months; I was sitting in an HR office across from a woman I had only met once before as she described the terms of my severance. I was fortunate enough to find freelance work just as my severance package dried up. I went from the clinical grey walls of an office building to a well-decorated Mediterranean-style home.

My new employer was a wealthy artist and writer, and our working relationship was unconventional from the beginning. I traded co-workers for a merry-go-round of her friends, family, and lovers both new and old who would visit her home unannounced, bearing gifts of hand-drawn nudes and farm fresh eggs. It was a modern-day Bohemia, some parts Chelsea Hotel, some parts suburbia.

I was quiet and reserved while my boss entertained her friends. The way some people feel phantom pain long after a limb has been amputated, I was adhering to office politics long after being laid off. Our lunches together helped me ease into the relaxed work environment. It was during one of our casual lunches when a friend of hers called to cancel their scheduled tantric sex weekend retreat.


Call it summer camp nostalgia, minus the awkward hormone swings and bad food. Fortunately, there must be a ton of options out there for like-minded guys hoping to avoid the stereotypical scene. To my surprise, gay-specific wellness group retreats are still incredibly niche, and few and far between. A quick Google search returns a plethora of options for gay vacations, gay hotels, and a ton of open-to-all wellness vacations hosted by hotels and boutique travel agencies.

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Do you have a few titles you would recommend? This is a pursuit of mine for about 6 years now, after having experienced tantric sex with a former lover. There is, sadly, an increasing number of people claiming and teaching that tantric sex is all there is to Tantra. Some tantric sex books reflect this. While what Tantra offers us for sex and intimacy is amazing, this approach is like saying that the parking lot at the local beach is all there is to the ocean.

In fact, the happiness and empowerment Tantra offers goes far beyond sex. The best, most thorough and helpful books on Tantra are written from an orientation-neutral perspective — i. There are also some differences whether the pairing is opposite gender heterosexual or same gender gay or lesbian However, what makes tantric sex feel so amazing, pleasurable and emotionally connected is the soft skills — attitudes, mindset, open-heartedness, your presence and how you touch a lover.

It offers lots of help on how to touch male and female bodies. The author Barbara Carrellas is no ordinary woman.

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Take the ultimate sex quiz. Have you ever experienced a moment of sexual ecstasy? How did it make you feel? Intense sexual experiences are one of our greatest sources of pleasure.

If you’re interested in trying Tantric sex, here are four easy techniques for beginners looking to achieve the heightened intimacy that goes along with Tantra.

If you get on well out of bed, half the problems of bed are solved. My new friend is serenading me, singing with his guitar, rehearsing for a performance he has tomorrow by Lake Tahoe. He played for us all day yesterday, and I asked him to play again today. The soulful music is helping me tap in to my desire to write again after a long hiatus. From across the room, I am inhaling his musky scent, mixed with leather from the couches and earthy rain outside and the hot fire burning in the wood stove.

Last night, we soaked in the hot tub endlessly again, talking talking talking. Then we stood in the rain shower, one spigot hot and one cold as has become our ritual, talking talking talking, as the delightful contrast of hot and cold water pours down our faces and bodies. Our conversations light me up inside, because unlike so many people on this planet, he is alive.

We are both stripped down, naked to our values. It happened suddenly, when I turned my hips toward his pelvis while we were cuddling. Like star bursting from the second chakra on up to the heart in kundalini fire. It felt so intense, it took my breath away.

How To Have HOT Tantric Sex In A Monogamous Relationship

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Self Care Leave a Comment Tantra, the art of sacred love, is one of the most misunderstood and neglected subjects in spiritual study. In reality, tantra is a way of connecting body and soul, a sacred belief system originating in India as part of the Vedic tradition. A genuine study of tantra requires discipline and devotion. It is not for thrill-seekers or the faint of heart. Mantra refers to a repeated word or phrase that is often chanted or sung.

So how did tantra come to be equated with sex? Tantra recognizes that humans have a deeply ingrained desire for connection and pleasure, and that sexuality is a primary expression of that desire. In the tantric approach to life, the two types of desires are woven together, reunited in their original holistic form.

Tantra – Exploring Sacred Sexuality

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