Sci-Fi Speed Dating at Empire State Comic Con

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Cosplay and Consent: Are Comic Cons Getting Better for Women?

Many people love going to entertainment, gaming, sci-fi. I wanted to share the ones that I knew because those living the fandom lifestyle should support each other and our unique community. AFOLs Adult Fans of Lego and young fans have a number of conventions around the nation but this is the one local to me. The Chicago event is on June and they sold out early last year, so get your tickets ahead of time.

Anyone young or old who is a fan of the brick toy will love this event.

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Cons are a unique environment—one that tolerates, even encourages, the weird or defiant. For young women, this is an opportunity to literally and metaphorically let their hair down: The women I interview know the con attendee archetype. They talk about the olden days when basement dwellers emerged to ogle their fantasies live and in the flesh. While female-identifying participation has grown, the traditionally male environment has caused problems with harassment and even assault.

But as they talked about their con experience, it was less clear: Has awareness brought about real change? Or is it a veneer of concern that covers a still-present issue? They met because they kept running into each other at midnight showings of geek movies.

Speed Dating for Science Fiction and Fantasy Lovers (October 2015)

Organized by founder Ryan Glitch, Sci-Fi Speed Dating has taken the geek romance world by storm by providing venues where like-minded and passionate fans can meet each other and indulge their common — and sometimes not so common! This year, five C2E2 Speed Dating sessions will be held at the convention all of which will be free for C2E2 attendees. What better way to extend that concept than by pairing people off?

Nerds want to be with other nerds and this is the perfect way to meet your ideal mate! He notes that one couple who met at Speed Dating is getting married and he estimates that there are approximately 25 — 30 couples who are dating seriously as a result of Sci-Fi Speed Dating.

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Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window For years people have been telling me to go to this show. This is a show that wants you and your support. They made this the best comic con experience I ever had. This time, we stayed near the Space Needle. If we were any closer, I could sneeze on the tip of it. That was just the first of six floors. The second floor was made up of many elaborate Lego exhibits, panel rooms and Sci-fi Speed dating. The four floor was where all the action took place; All the major publishers, special guests and actors and another massive artist alley section were jammed in there.

Throughout the weekend I asked many artists that have attended the show previously, how it was doing for them financially. The universal feeling was that Saturday was the slowest and no one knew why. Very few used the Sheraton to their advantage for making connections and getting new gigs. They should all go in to the Secret Service, because everything moved like clock work. Lines for creators would be capped off and they would hold a sign saying, come back in half an hour.

The panels were top notch and really stole the Saturday crowd from artist alley.

Speed Dating

Lies In the Force Lies in the Force Nathan reached for the bottle of aspirin, even the tiny rattling of the pills made his already splitting head ache even more. He could still taste the alcohol on his tongue and the smell of cigarettes still lingered on his clothes. Close those stupid things! Nathan met Nancy when he was ten, after his parents were murdered. Nancy found Nathan stealing from a local convenient store, but instead of turning him in, she decided to give him a home and a second chance.

Todd is off at Lexington Comic Con, and joining this episode is Jeff Saamanen, the creative genius & Director of the upcoming animated sci-fi animated series, Lost Hope. We chat about the show, Kickstarter, the card game, talent, integration, and more!

As you might guess from the list, a good number of the woman were cosplayers; their costumes tended to dominate my conversations because they were super easy conversation starters. Of course, as expected at a convention like Awesome Con, many of the women were interested in various shows and comics and told me things about them. For instance, I learned that I should watch Supernatural, but only through the fifth season. After that, according to F30, the show gets really bad.

I also made some interesting to me observations about how physical proximity affected my and attraction to and interest in particular women. With nearly 40 conversations taking place in such a small space, I found it rather difficult to hear many of the women across whom I was seated. With some of them, I was able to lean in closer in order to hear them better, and I noted that I tended to have much more positive feelings about those women after our three minutes concluded.

Which isn’t to say that these instances weren’t also awkward — with one woman in particular I felt as if I was preparing to tunnel into her cleavage every time I dropped my eyes to write on my card — but in general awkwardness is a more positive feeling than rejection. Some other women, however, were seated with one leg crossed atop their laps or were otherwise positioned such that I couldn’t move forward without feeling like I was rudely encroaching upon their personal space, which both barred me from moving closer and gave me a general impression of standoffishness on their parts.

If I’d had more time to pay attention, I’d have been curious to see whether those women sat like that the entire time or whether it was something they did to indicate their particular lack of interest in me. Not that I was entirely innocent in that respect; I noticed that, with some women, I was more inclined to lean back in my chair than move forward. Now, in those instances it was partly because I had less trouble hearing them, but did my leaning back also stem from an subconscious lack of attraction?

On the scene: Emerald City Comic Con ’13 in photos

Breia Brissey December 17, at The special follows Ryan Glitch, founder of Sci-Fi Speed Dating, as he sets up speed dating events at comic conventions for his fellow geeks. How exactly did Sci-Fi Speed Dating begin? I tried speed dating at another convention. People were getting up and leaving halfway through.

Next Friday, 21st September, pm, Sci-Fi Speed Dating at Megacon TAMPA This month, 28th September, pm, Sci-Fi Speed Dating at Kamloops Fan Con in Vancouver Also check out other Sports Events in Pensacola.

By Victoria Irwin Senior Correspondent You glance across the room at the Jedi in his movie quality robes, clutching awkwardly at his replica light-saber. Founded in , Sci-Fi Speed Dating aims to get those shy guys and girls at conventions across the country to talk to each other, rather than hide behind their intricately detailed replicas. Glitch, a large jovial man, is often seen clothed in both his formal and informal Jedi robes. Using a standard speed dating format- 3 minutes with each person before switching on- the particular session I sat in on had over 35 girls vying for attention.

He jokes quite frequently that he loves his job because it allows him to go to comic conventions for free. Sci-Fi Speed Dating is not just reserved for those of the heterosexual persuasion.

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Over the last seven years Sci-Fi Speed Dating has produced an impressive number of marriages, engagements, babies, and relationships. Because I am truly terrible at interviewing people, my conversation with Ryan quickly turned into my own monologue about the stress of being a geek girl in the dating scene. It was at this point that Ryan suggested I participate in the 3pm session.

For the most part, Sci-Fi Speed Dating is like any other speed dating experiences. Ryan runs the whole show and is very clearly in favor of the experience being safe and comfortable for the women participating. Before beginning he speaks to all of the female participants and tells them that if they are having problems with any of the gentlemen to let him know.

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By Pete Pachal Hollywood’s attempts to peek into the future are more art than science. Science-fiction TV shows, focused on making good stories, are happy to take liberties with what’s scientifically plausible if it serves the plot. For the most part, audiences come along for the ride without questioning the realism. If the USS Enterprise crew is already doing a currently impossible thing, it isn’t such a leap of the imagination to think it also carries machines that beam matter across space or devices that cure diseases overnight.

The 5 kinds of sci-fi space travel, ranked by realism Still, the concepts depicted in these shows should have some basis in science. To measure the realism of our geeky favorites, we gave each a greade based on three factors: Are the show’s ships and gadgets in line with what we know to be possible, even theoretically? And are they depicted realistically?

For example, energy beam weapons are certainly possible; pulsing ones that act more like bullets, not so much. In theory, any technology that can exist, will exist — eventually. Do these shows leave a realistic amount of time before we’re cruising around the galaxy? Do people behave the way we’d expect, given the timeframe and the technology?

ComiConn 2017 – Scifi Speed Dating Interview

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