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His quest takes him to Alaska, California, Washington, and Norway as he uncovers a worldwide crisis that most people are unaware of. Speaking with oceanographers, marine biologists, climatologists, and artists, Sven discovers that global warming is only half the story of the environmental catastrophe that awaits us. Excess carbon dioxide is dissolving in our oceans, changing sea water chemistry. The more acidic water makes it difficult for tiny creatures at the bottom of the food web to form their shells. The effects could work their way up to the fish 1 billion people depend upon for their source of protein. As Sven keeps a correspondence with the little boy, he mulls over the world that he is leaving for future generations. A disturbing and essential companion piece to An Inconvenient Truth, A Sea Change brings home the indisputable fact that our lifestyle is changing the earth, despite our rhetoric or wishful thinking.

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Earlier this month, GeekWire had a chance to watch a construction crew install a new foot wide screen. Bonnick said that the two 4K laser projectors double the amount of pixels on the screen, resulting in greater perceived resolution. There are special new 3D glasses available, too: The dual 4K projectors require a substantial amount of cooling, delivered by these four boxes and black tubes: Tiny perforations allow sound to come through.

Forensic Files TV 9 Collections Detectives and crime lab technicians use the latest and most fascinating procedures to solve crimes in this documentary-style show.

Welcome to The American Experience. David McCullough, Series Host: Hello and welcome to The American Experience. In Boston the stock market closed. In Pennsylvania a statewide order shut down every place of amusement, every saloon. In Kentucky the Board of Health prohibited public gatherings of any kind, even funerals. In America was caught up in the last horrific year of World War I. Yet the war had nothing to do with the extreme measures being taken.

Deadly influenza, the so-called “Spanish-flu,” was sweeping the country, spreading terror everywhere. The first documented deaths were in Boston. Explanations were offered, but in fact no one had an answer. Viruses were still largely unknown. But then to this day that particular flu virus is still one of the mysteries of the story.

Once started, the disease moved west in lethal waves that appeared to follow the lines of the railroads.

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Thedollar popped up to Harley Why did you come to? Graig Do you have any exams coming up? Yes, it is th Comment by: Joesph How much is a First Class stamp?

Sep 27,  · In the landscape of radical ‘80s and ‘90s expressions of punk, from riot grrl to grunge, the term “queercore” (or “homocore”) doesn’t have the same cultural saturation.

Enlarge this image A view of the Port of Seattle and the city’s stadium district nearing dusk. On Friday, a trial court judge is scheduled to hear legal challenges to the city’s new income tax on the wealthy. Anna Boiko-Weyrauch for NPR Documentary filmmaker Christopher Rufo doesn’t make enough money to have to pay Seattle’s new high-earners tax, but he still wants to keep Seattle income-tax-free. So much so, he joined around 30 plaintiffs suing the city. On Friday, a trial court judge is scheduled to hear legal challenges to the city’s new income tax on the wealthy, approved this summer by the Seattle City Council to raise revenue for services in a state that does not have an income tax.

Proponents say the tax is needed to address the city’s livability issues, such as affordable housing, homelessness and public transit, which have grown as high-paying tech companies like Amazon have boomed. The tax is approved but isn’t being collected yet. Rufo does not want Seattle to end up like Youngstown, Ohio, one of the steel industry towns in his upcoming PBS film on economically depressed American cities.

His footage of Youngstown, playing on the screen in front of him, shows a backhoe chewing through a white two-story house, reducing it to shards within minutes.

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By Dori Monson June 1, at 5: But, based on observations, I am almost positive that our new mayor is a robot. So we have lots of data, apparently. And the data shows that we have a 47 percent spike in people living in cars. They made the decision before they talked to any Seattle residents about it.

The SFF 10 Stories of Change convening brought together four internationally known social entrepreneurs to interact with documentary filmmakers at the Sundance Film Festival. They included: Quratul Ain Bakhteari is the first of her five siblings born to young socially marginalized parents in Multan after the migration from India to Pakistan.

Richard Russell, a year-old Horizon Air employee, hijacked the seat plane from the maintenance area at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and somehow managed to take off on Friday night. The entire ordeal has now sparked major concerns about gaps in airport security as investigators try to determine how the heist was even able to occur.

Scroll down for video Richard Russell, a year-old Horizon Air employee, hijacked the seat plane from the maintenance area at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Friday night Aviation experts said the incident shows what they have long known: One of the biggest potential perils for commercial air travel is airline or airport employees causing mayhem.

Russell had worked with Horizon for three-and-a-half years and had clearance to be among aircraft. Video footage showed Russell carrying out large, dangerous loops in Seattle on Friday evening The flight lasted about 75 minutes and ended when Russell crashed into a remote island in Puget Sound after being chased by military jets He did not have a pilot’s license and it is unclear how he learned how to fly. One expert said he could have picked up some skills by using a computer flight simulator.

Ground service agents, which is what he was employed as, direct aircrafts for take-off and gate approach and de-ice planes, as well as handle baggage. Horizon Air CEO Gary Beck said it was not clear how Russell knew how to start the engine, which requires a series of switches and levers.

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But amid Mark’s kaleidoscope of images from bordellos, circuses, hospital wards, and halfway houses, one person who stood out was Erin “Tiny” Blackwell, a year-old homeless prostitute surviving on the almost-unrecognizable streets of a pre-tech-boom Seattle in Mark discovered Blackwell while on assignment for “Life” magazine, and the two almost instantly formed a bond.

But the story did not end there. Mark kept in close contact with Blackwell as she grew into adulthood and wrestled with the demons of alcohol and drug addiction while raising her family of 10 children, some of whom appear to be heading down the same rocky path their mother trod. The intimate access that Blackwell granted Mark has been distilled into Tiny:

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Plot summary[ edit ] Streetwise portrays the lives of nine desperate teenagers. Thrown too young into a seedy, grown-up world, these runaways and castaways survive, but just barely. Rat, the dumpster diver; Tiny, the teenage prostitute; Shellie, the baby-faced one; and DeWayne, the hustler, are all old beyond their years. All are underage survivors fighting for life and love on the streets of downtown Seattle, Washington.

Reception[ edit ] The film was acclaimed by audiences. Scarecrow also has a PAL copy. Book[ edit ] Mark photographed many of the children throughout the filming of Streetwise and published a book of the same name in The photographs are captioned with quotations from the film. The transcript of Bell’s film appears at the end of the book, with only minor differences.

What became of the kids[ edit ] Corresponds to the order of the cast list Dewayne Pomeroy:

“Food Evolution” Documentary Supports GMOs, but Not Science

About the Mayor’s Arts Award finalists Cultural Ambassador Award Finalists Awarded to an individual who has significantly contributed to Seattle’s arts and cultural community and raised the visibility of Seattle’s arts culture. He has also been a dance instructor for more than 35 years, having taught ballet, modern, jazz and Afro- Haitian dance at schools and dance academies in Seattle, Iowa and Mexico. He frequently contributes his time to help programs that support the development of young urban dancers, and is a supporter of local art and theatre companies whose goals are to serve the underserved community through the arts.

Most recently Mitchell directed and choreographed Ballet Bellevue’s Nutcracker; choreographed Seattle Opera’s Porgy and Bess and last summer he choreographed Langston Hughes teen summer musical entitled Roll of Thunder:

Seattle Documentary Association – SeaDoc, Seattle, WA. K likes. The Seattle Documentary Association organizes activities for the Puget Sound.

Executive Summary Part 2: An Idea That Snowballed Part 3: Matching the Budget to a Niche Audience Part 4: Pulling back the VOD curtain Part 6: The Financial Results Part 7: The Journey Continues Part 1:

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Do you think you could live in one? You have the opportunity to tour several tiny homes, speak to a builder and with tiny home dwellers. Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons, a filmmaker duo, are inspiring others to redefine home and rethink housing as means to provide more sustainable options, more meaningful lifestyles and more connected communities. To date, they have traveled over 25, miles, and counting!

Seattle is hit by a huge wind storm and Grey Sloan becomes inundated with patients. Alex and Jo are stuck at home and decide to make the best of it by having a second honeymoon, while Meredith confronts Richard about getting his life back on track/5(K).

Critically acclaimed, Streetwise introduced us to individuals who were not easily forgotten, including “Tiny” Erin Blackwell –a year-old prostitute with dreams of a horse farm, diamonds and furs, and a baby of her own. Since meeting Tiny 30 years ago, Mark has continued to photograph her, creating what has become one of Mark’s most significant and long-term projects. Now 43, Tiny has ten children and her life has unfolded in unexpected ways, which together speak to issues of poverty, class, race and addiction.

This significantly expanded iteration of the classic monograph presents the iconic work of the first edition along with Mark’s moving and intimate body of work on Tiny, most of which is previously unpublished. Texts and captions are drawn from conversations between Tiny and Mary Ellen Mark as well as Mark’s husband, the filmmaker Martin Bell, who made the landmark film, Streetwise. Tiny, Streetwise Revisited provides a powerful education about one of the more complex sides of American life, as well as insight into the unique relationship sustained between artist and subject for over 30 years”–Amazon.

DOCS: The World’s Cleverest Child and Me

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