Wema Sepetu Disposes Her Car Gift From Diamond and Claims their Relationship May Have Blinded Her

It is alleged that Diamond’s girlfriend, beauty Wema Sepetu stormed into a studio where Diamond and Victoria were working and caused alot of drama claiming that she had been kept in the dark about their colaboration and that she cannot trust the Kenyan artiste Read that story Here. Chocolatecity signed Kenyan artiste Victoria Kimani has been in Tanzania working on various music projects among them a massive collabo with Bongo Music bigwigs Diamond Platnumz and Ommy Dimpoz. With this collabo,she becomes the first female artiste to collaborate with Diamond Platnumz and Ommy Dimpoz which is a big achievement to her and a bigger challenge to other female artiste in East Africa. Victoria is determined to grow her music career and she is not about to let anything get in the way of her dreams. The Mtoto singer came out through her instagram page and set the record straight once again. She even said it in Kiswahili perhaps so that all the fans can get that she is about making good music and nothing more. Nafanya kazi ya muziki kwa bidii na kwa sababu yenu. Nimepiga picha na wanamuziki wengi na wakubwa sana kote duniani.

Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz deeply in love in new video

The real drama queen. Lets review her soap opera-esque life, from dating almost all top Tanzanian male celebrities to posting nude videos. Well, this Tanzanian celebrity has recently had a tough time coming to terms with the loss of her twin children she had carried for a few months. She took to Instagram to express her heartfelt feelings for her unborn twins she never got to meet.

Diamond started an affair with Jokate while he was still dating Wema Sepetu. The union came to an end when Wema found out that her friend Jokate stabbed her in the back.

Diamond Platnumz News It seems some people will never ever move on from their exes and there is always one that ex that some will never ever forget. A case in point is Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu. Wema was taken out of the picture when Diamond started dating Zari Hassan. This past weekend Diamond and his Wasafi team were introducing a new artist who has signed up with WCB. During the launch, it seems Diamond had his interests somewhere else as he was so much into his ex Wema.

Photos of how Grace Msalame and her curves stepped out serving style goals Diamond Platnumz and Sepetu were photographed looking all loved up and it seems these two are still in touch. Diamond Platnumz was hugging his long-time on and off girlfriend Sepetu and did not seem bothered by onlookers and the cameras. Diamond held on tightly onto his on and off girlfriend Wema Sepetu and once he whispered into her ear, she seemed to be in agreement with what he was telling her.

Wema was trying to cool off the heat with the DVD she was holding in her hand and Diamond whispered in her ear and later took off. It is evident Hamisa Mobetto moved on from their drama and is focusing on her business deals but the question the internet is asking is, why is Zari Hassan still holding on when it seems Diamond is not about to change his ways? Or is she holding onto hope Diamond is going to marry her after he is done with his philandering ways? Let us know your opinion after watching the video below.

Ugandan socialite Zari gives birth

He has dated several women openly and fooled around with many other while he was in a relationship. Below is the full list of women Diamond dated or cheated with: The Miss Kiswahili claims that Diamond promised to marry her while they were secretly dating. Rehema says her relationship ended when she traveled to Arusha and Diamond announced in public that he was dating Wema Sepetu.

Tanzanian socialite and actress, Wema Sepetu has admonished ladies to stay off music star, who also is her ex-boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz because he is a serial cheat. According to Nairobinews Wema, who once dated Diamond, refuted.

WhatsApp We take a look at some of the famous women Diamond Platinumz has dated since The girl in question was Sarah who apparently dumped the heartthrob because he was poor. In a interview with Tubonge TZ, Diamond said: Nilimweleza kwenye wimbo ni kwa kiasi gani niliumia kwa kuniacha kwake wakati nilikuwa bado nampenda. In the song, I tell her how much she hurt me by leaving me because I was broke but I still loved her. As if predicting the current scandals that are plaguing his love-life, he sings: Lately, the one-time mitumba seller has been trending since he confessed to cheating on Zari with model and video vixen, Hamisa Mobetto, and fathering a child with her.

We take a look at some of the famous women he has dated since In an interview later on, Upendo claimed that her relationship with the musician was the worst she has ever encountered in her entire dating life. She even accused him of being bad in bed, according to the interview she did with well-known Tanzanian showbiz blog Mpekuzi in Nashangaa kwa nini wanawake wanamgombea.

I wonder why ladies keeping fighting for him. Even after their split however, the two remained close friends.

Wema Sepetu

Last updated Mar 19, Share Diamond Platnumz recently revealed that the woman he sincerely felt some chemistry and true love that made him cry was Wema Sepetu. These two claim that they are very good friends and that they have gone past their relationship that never worked out though it seems there is more to what they share in public. After launching his album aboyfromTandale in Nairobi, Diamond Platnumz seems to be enjoying when people are talking about his new music.

The issue was intensified by Team Wema on social media since we all know Team Wema can’t be cooked in the same pot with Team Zari and Team Diamond. A few days later Mama Diamond deleted most of her instagram photos including Zari’s pics.

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Wema Sepetu; Dont get it Twisted Love is a Beautiful thing

Tags tofauti za muziki wa injili na Msanii Mkongwe wa muziki wa dansi nchini Tanzania, Blog 5 kwa Sunday Baadhi ya wasanii wa Tanzania waliowahi kushiriki Coke Studio. Tanzania; Mo Blog; Chadema

Tanzanian socialite and actress, Wema Sepetu has admonished ladies to stay off music star, who also is her ex-boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz because he is a serial cheat. According to Nairobinews Wema, who once dated Diamond, refuted claims that she is competing for Diamond’s attention with the artiste’s baby.

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Lol! Wema Sepetu’s Mother Kicked Her Boyriend Out Of Her House

Is Wema Sepetu getting married soon? See what her lover Idris Sultan wrote to her. Wema Sepetu is a controversial woman who is loved and hated by her fans in equal measures.

Both Diamond and Dimpoz posted intimate pictures of themselves separately with the beauty, sparking rumours of the affair. An Instagram post by Sepetu of herself in bed with Ommy Dimpoz captioned; “Tunawatakia usiku mwema jamani, Tuacheni tulaleee” (We wish you a good night everybody.

The beauty Tanzanian queen was born on September 28 She will be turning 30 years of age in September ; ageing gracefully. We believe most people know Wema Sepetu for being the ex-girlfriend of one of the popular and multi-talented Tanzanian artist, Diamond Platinum. Have you ever wondered who Wema Sepetu is dating now and her career? Scroll down and you will definitely get the answers to that and more about the Tanzanian beauty. Tanzania actress Famous for: Being the ex-girlfriend of Diamond Platinum, being among the most successful actresses in Tanzania, and being Miss Tanzania She later gained admission at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology situated in Malaysia where she pursed International business course for only a year before dropping out to go on with her acting career.

Note that by that time, Wema Sepetu and Steven Kanumba were dating. Dina Wema Sepetu was being forced to get married to a witch, Lameck, Steve Kanumba by her parents, which was against her choice. Her outstanding performance in her first debut movie, made her to appear in other films such as Red Valentine, Family Tears, and White Maria.

She gained fame in her country making her to appear in over 20 movies. A number of prominent people from the like shades of Omotola Jalade Ekeinde a famous Nigerian actress graced the place as the guest of honors. However, the film has never entered the market until date as she said that she has never find a good distributor who will pay her well compared to the money she invested.

Diamond afunguka kuhusu Wema Sepetu wa sasa

Diamond akionyesha umahili wake wa kuimba. Kumbe jini kisilani kaingia katika utamu wa penzi langu, alikuwa akiimba Janeth Sostenes akifanya mahojiano na Godwin Gondwe. Utata ulianzia hapa pale Dimond alishuka stejini na kwenda kwenye meza waliokuwa wamekaa akina Steve Nyerere na Mboni Masimba na ndipo alipopewa t-shirt ambayo kwa mujibu wa udadisi na uchunguzi wa kudadavua mambo uliofanywa na mtandao huu wa Kajuna Blog, ilisemekana kuwa t-shirt hiyo ilikuwa inapicha ya mwanadada ambaye alikuwa akitoa na Diamond kwa sasa.

Na ilikuwa ni maalum kwa ajili ya kumrusha roho Wema Sepetu. Mwanadada Mboni Masimba akimkabidhi Diamond t-shirt huku Steve Nyerere akimtunza, Diamond alikabidhiwa t-shirt ili aipeleke kwa mwanadada Jokate Mwegelo.

Dunia Matatizo – Diamond Plutnumz Shida Athumani – Madam Wema Sikujua Abdalah – Penny Oliva sikitu – Aunt Ezekiel Majariwa Ntobi – Hemmedy Ntaendelea!,Jimmy Kabwe=Jumanne Kabwela.,Innocent Cornel Sahani -D Knob Anselm Tryphone Ngaiza -Soggy Doggy Rashidi Ziada – KR Freddy Malick – Mkoloni Aman Temba – Mh.

Wajua nani kafanya nini? Ingia hapa ujue yanayoendelea Pages – Menu Sunday, June 10, Diamond na Queen Darlin ni ndugu Kwa wale walioshuhudia ama kuiona mtandaoni show ya Diamond are Forever yake Diamond Platnumz watakumbuka kuwa mwanadada Queen Darling alikuwepo kunogesha show hiyo. Lakini watu wengi mpaka sasa hawajui kuwa Diamond na Queen Darlin ni mtu na dada yake.

Wasanii hawa Baba yao ni mmoja. Damu ya mzee Abdul Juma ipo kwenye mishipa ya wakali hawa wa muziki wa Bongo Flava. Ingawa hawajataka kuwa karibu zaidi kama inavyotakiwa kuwa, Diamond ambaye jina lake halisi ni Nasib Abdul na Queen Darlin aliyezaliwa kwa jina la Mwajuma Abdul Juma wanapendeza sana wakiwa kwenye stage moja. Wakati mwingine kwakuwa wamekuzwa na mama tofauti huenda wamejikuta wakiishi mbalimbali katika maisha yao, lakini ukaribu wao kimuziki kama kaka na dada unaweza kuleta kitu kinachovutia zaidi kwa mashabiki wao.

Hata hivyo ni ngumu kuujua uhusiano kati ya ndugu hao nje ya maisha ya muziki lakini pata picha wakiwa karibu kama Ray J na Brandy ambao undugu wao ni karibu kiasi cha kuwafanya waonekane kama marafiki tu Posted by.

Here Are The Fine women Diamond has Dated and cheated MODE ACTIVATED!!!

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The shocking video sees the mother-of-one letting her upper body hang out of the window of the moving car, before she hits a lamp post. The video was recorded on a highway near Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. Ms Borodina is naked, bar a pair of bikini bottoms, when she decides to hang out of the window.

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NEWS Baada ya kuwepo na taarifa kuwa Diamond na Wema Sepetu wamerudiana na hata kuonekana pamoja mkoani Kigoma wakati wa ziara ya Kigoma All Stars, nyota huyo jana ameamua kufunguka rasmi kupitia website yake na kueleza ukweli. So das’ de Truth abt me and Her! Ampiga kijembe Ommy Dimpoz kwa kufanya video Afrika Kusini? Bongo Flava haijawahi kulipa kama inavyolipa sasa hivi. Hakujawahi kuwa na ushindani baina ya wasanii kama unavyoonekana sasa.

Kwakuwa muziki wa Tanzania umeingia katika hatua kubwa ya kibiashara, wasanii wanaumiza vichwa kufanya ngoma na video kali kwa gharama yoyote wanayoweza kumudu ili kuendelea kukaa kileleni. Jumamosi ijayo Diamond atafanya usaili wa models watakaoonekana kwenye video yake mpya itakayofanyika hapa nchini na nje ya nchi.

TID brags about dating Wema Sepetu before Diamond hooked up with her

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Mar 20,  · After they both dismissed dating rumors sparked by pictures of the two of them from the &#;Do Agric’ campaign, fresh allegations have now is alleged that Diamond’s girlfriend, beauty Wema Sepetu stormed into a studio where Diamond and Victoria were working and caused alot of drama claiming that she had been kept in the dark.

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Here is Diamond Platnumz’ new wife after dumping Zari [email protected] Waako

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